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20 Unknown Stories About Selena Gomez

she has a heart of gold the face of an angel and a career that launched when she was only seven years old today we’re going to talk about 20 quick facts about Selena Gomez

20. Selena is BFFs with Taylor Swift it may be Taylor’s longest relationship because the duo met over 10 years and were instant friends Selena even helped Swift’s show off her hashtag squad goals by appearing alongside other famous ladies in Swift’s Amos bad blood video

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19. Selena’s mother would have been a great cast member for MTV’s Teen Mom because she gave birth to Selena when she was only 16 years old though her parents stayed together the time of her birth they eventually split when the senior was 5 years old

18. The songstress is a true dog lover and has even publicly advocated for animal rescues Selena has six adopted pooches herself chip Willy Pino Wallace Chaz and Baylor she adopted Baylor while she was touring in Canada where she met up with her now ex Justin Bieber

17. Selena has a rather quirky food palate a few of her favourite foods include whole lemons with salt popcorn with Pickle juice and the crust of pizza the pop princess has even admitted that she wants to invent pickled flavoured chewing gum

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16. She has been linked to some hunky men in the past Selena is weird out by dating she worries at her dates may Google her before their date the singer is known to have a baby face and worries that it may turn off older men that she would want to date

15. The names – Lena means moon in Greek and the singer was named after the late Queen of Donnell Selena Quintilian who passed away three years before Gomez was born

14. Serena is known to have many philanthropic endeavours in 2009 and she was 17 she became the youngest-ever UNICEF ambassador Selena travelled on mission trips with the organisation to Ghana and Chile


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13. When Selena was younger she was obsessed with Britney Spears the singer even gushed about how Spears is baby one more time concert was her first now the singer has spread her musical tastes and is said to be influenced by Bruno Mars Rihanna Skrillex and she still has I’d love for her girl Brittany

12. In the world of social media Selena is one of the big dogs she is the most followed personal Instagram her social media posts alone to be worth five hundred and fifty thousand dollars each

11. Selena has a weird eating habit but it doesn’t stop there the singer has said the secret to her great singing voice is drinking olive oils straight though it doesn’t taste great it helps protect her voice

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