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25-Year-Old British Woman Has Spent Nearly $30,000 In Order To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Many people idolise celebrities and they go to extreme lengths to be just like them a 25 year old by the name of Claire Lewis Leeson is a prime example of that she has spent in order to look like Kim Kardashian now She started having surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian at the age of 17 and she has had a breast job she’s had her teeth whitened she has a spray tan you can tell that she’s had work done on her face and right now she’s wearing a special pants that have padding in them in order to make it seem as though she has a larger ass butt but she is considering a butt implants as well now look usually

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I hate these stories because I just I feel terrible for these people and I don’t wanna give them any type of attention or any type of celebrity but there was something really interesting that she said to the press about her decision to Undergo all of these surgeries she said that um she was told every day when she was younger that she was the ugliest thing alive and that I should kill myself and that made me feel so incredibly terrible and it kind of reminded me of something that I truly believe and it’s the fact that insecurity is the most expensive thing because the more insecure you are the more likely you are to go out there and do things to make yourself feel good about yourself and look I’m no one to talk like ¬†Eivol II had a nose job I spent a considerable amount of money to make that happen

So I’m not judging I’m just saying that when you’re bullied for something and and it’s and it stays with you you will go to extreme lengths in some circumstances to completely change it and and in some cases like this one you will go to the extreme lengths and it’s it’s sad it is but this is I’m gonna go all the way here it’s a little surprising cuz I’ve got my well-known rule of two plastic surgeries are allowed and then I’m gonna cap it there for you okay and we use cover Heidi Montag back when she was relevant 17 years ago and her couple of surgeries she’s already beautiful honestly made her slightly better looking okay and then she had more and more and became a disaster she was notorious for having ten procedures in at once basically any in she butchered herself is such a stupid idea okay now

But we keep it real here I actually thought a she look pretty good the woman who had these surgeries here in the story and be she actually kind of did look like Kim Kardashian she does I just worry about it I saw her a club you might mistake her for Kim Kardashian maybe look I look it’s her life it’s her body she should that one she looks a lot like her she should do what makes her feel comfortable right I just worry about her cuz she’s 25 yet so now look don’t get me wrong I’m keeping it real that this surgery’s in this case happen to be based on those pictures fairly successful in their in the mission that they want to accomplish but at the same time is it good to want to model yourself after another human being no to make yourself look like someone else is crazy you wanna make yourself look better cuz you’re secure I get right this is outside the bounds of reason right I’m just saying mission accomplished don’t have anymore

Don’t have anymore okay but I think I think more than anything like there are two things at play here of course is the
bullying it’s the insecurity that leads her to do what she’s done but also there’s like the obsession that people have with celebrity right and and it leads to a lot of annoying things for one you have people that like bust their asses off doing really hard work manual labour and they barely get by and then you have people that put out sex tapes and they act like ass clowns in public and then they get millions upon millions of dollars for right and they get idolize people idolise them

So it’s quite like I find it so interesting that people want to model themselves after those in reality television shows that make asses out of themselves just fascinating to me and by the way Kim Kardashian is beautiful sorry to interrupt you she’s beautiful like there’s no question take everything else out of it right what she’s done who she whatever she’s a gorgeous woman so I could understand why other women would want to look like her but thirty thousand dollars to completely change your identity

Look exactly like someone else I just I worry about her mental Health and I’m not saying that she has severe mental health problems I just hope that it doesn’t go further because there are serious issues like body dysmorphic disorder and like that and you look if you model yourself after someone that was admirable like you made yourself look like Thomas Jefferson make sense no that’s not what I’m saying don’t twist my words you hear don’t is no way don’t make yourself look like anyone else be in the immortal words of Ana Kasparian.