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7 First Date Conversation Starters

Last Updated on January 23, 2021 by D Facts

First date is always easy. All it involves is talking, listening, eating and (hopefully) a lot of laughing. Also, nervousness- it is rarely out of the picture, isn’t it?  A lot of factors make the first date a great one- the place, the dress up, showing up on time etc etc. While these are important ones, the indispensable one is- great conversation! First date conversations could be awesome or awkward depending on the trajectory the conversation follows. If you are looking for first date conversation starters to kill the awkward silence, we have a list for you.

It is reported that people can fall in love by asking certain questions. Well, our questions will help you decide whether you want to take that plunge with this person. The questions will help you know your date better and make the time count for both of you. Even if you don’t end up finding THE partner on your first date, maybe you could find a friend for a lifetime? At the very least these questions will help you decide yay or nay for a second date, win-win!

  1. What is the most mischievous prank you have played on someone? How did it end?

Light-hearted exchanges on the first date make the other person comfortable and open to sharing. This question will reveal whether the person is a playful wicked or a grumpy boring adult. Though boring is a subjective term, I would prefer an impish personality who has played one or two harmless pranks. After all who doesn’t love a good laugh?

  1. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world would follow, what would it be?

The answer to this question might vary from ‘don’t beg’ ‘keep your nose in your business’ to ‘be nice to other people’, ‘follow your passion’, ‘don’t judge’, ‘laugh often’. Remember, your date’s answers will be coming from a deeper point in their heart. It surely will reveal a part of his personality at the core.

  1. Who are your top 5, the people you value a lot? Why?

Does he value relationship and people? Is he a people’s person or a one man army? Different from you or same? This will give you an idea of how dearly he cherishes his relationships. ‘Why’ part of this question is going to spill important hints: does he love his people for their emotional support, or their belief in him or is it an inexplicable heart to heart connection?

  1. If a book gets written on the story of your life, which chapter will you cherish the most?

This question reflects your genuine interest in knowing the other person. You get to know about the most important part of his life. Do not forget to notice his eyes while he talks about this. People speak with a spark in their eyes when talking about something they genuinely love. Who knows you might even see a star or two?

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  1. What do you do on weekends?

You’ll get a major insight into his hobbies and how he utilizes his free time. Does he work on a side business? Spend time with family? Party hard with friends? Or all of this? An interesting hobby will give you something more to talk about. A common hobby is a bonus!

  1. What is the biggest lesson life has taught you so far?

This will allow him to open up about the story of his life. Everyone loves to share their story with someone who is genuinely interested in listening. You can learn a lot about the ups and downs of his life through this question. You get to know the incidents that have shaped him as a person and whether you are in for the journey ahead.


  1. What are the things you expect from a romantic relationship?

A goldmine shall be unearthed with this question. We all try to be a little impressive on our first dates; this question will help them put the mask aside and reveal the true identity. If he is looking out for a female to take care of his family and children (which is absolutely fine) contrary to your ambitious self- you know what to do. He has his boundaries defined and would love his partner to have her own space as well? Thumbs up!

No number of questions are ever enough to know a person completely. Yet you can ask question about the things that matter most to you– messy or organized? dreamer or doer? optimist or not?

Bonus tip: eliminate trying to impress attitude and embrace your own self. If the foundation of a relationship would be based on something fake, the damage when it ends is devastating. Show up as you are- sorted sometimes and confused some other times, boring and interesting in your own way, imperfect yet amazing. You could find a great partner on the first date or you might not, but there are plenty of fishes in the world. And your suitable partner? Well, he is looking for you too. Eventually, you will bump into each other. 😉