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7 first look attractions of men That noticed by women

“What women really want?” all men always ask this question. It’s important to take care some basic things while approaching a woman, she will always look for some fundamental things in a man. At the first meeting there is not much time we get only a few minutes, during this span of time she will identify the future do we have and the basic things she look always same for almost all women, here we discussed some basic facts need to follow by men

1. Your Facial Expression

When you meet her first, her first look is on to your face so it’s important that your facial expression will be pleasant and loving, you will always look her pleasantly and positively and that vibe will get your face directly into her soul it will help you a lot

2. Your Body Structure

Most of women will notice your body structure at your 1st look and it’s very important to them, and most will very much attracted to a well constructed body structure of men, the fitness of the body is important and they will also give point to your height and weight

3. Attitude

Attitude towards her as much importanceit will treated as a part of your character a positive attitude gives you so much benefit for future relationships, you should be polite and well behaved while meeting her first, that will help you to get into her mind



You very confident while talking to her, she will monitor your confidence level within a few words, so be confident

5. Conversation

Your conversation skill as important, you may talk to her politely and covey your thought of using good languages that will impress her a lot

6. Smile

She will notice your smile and a pleasant smile will give you so many good points. So keep smiling

7. Sense Of Humour

Good sense of humor will attract women she will always there to enjoy your humor. And you are in a good mood is also that much important