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The most attracted Top 5 features of women by men

Everybody in the world wants to attain the attention of others, this will be men or women, there are lots of studies will hold in this matter, and some of them told like it. The attractions that depends on Love, like and other relations or something else, in this post here mentions about top 10 women feature that attracts men, lets start


In the Manchester University study found that Lips are the most attractive feature of women, and all first attraction goes to lips. There is some controversy about the color, some are voting for Pink and some for Red, Forget about all the curves and other matters, major votes given to Lip

2. Eye Contact

Everyone knows that eyes are the most powerful sensing organ, and somebody says eyes are door to soul, yeah, that’s true, you know a strong eye contact will attract love and affection, and it’s an easy way to get into their minds, so now you know the truth lets go

3. Straight and White Teeth

You know the white and straight teeth are one of the attractive feature of women, this is not my opinion researchers say that, so it’s better to keep your teeth healthy, do brush regularly and visit a dentist if needed

4. Your Smile

I think all of them are already know about it, the beautiful smiling faces an incomparable beauty, a pleasant smile  catches lots of positive attention, so lets smile like a smiley.

5.High-pitched voices

A sweet High-pitched voices are really sexy, the researchers say that the higher voice suggests a small beautiful body, and that was true actually, so don’t ruin your voice and keep a healthy throat


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