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How to be a Great Single Mom

Last Updated on January 23, 2021 by D Facts

Err, I mean how to manage being a single mom. Because the words great and single mom are totally synonyms! If you are a single mom I hope you realize you don’t even need a cape for yourself, you are already a superhero.

So? How is it working being a super mom and a superhero simultaneously? I know I know, it gets pretty stressful sometimes. Up for discovering a few tips and tricks to manage your stressing yet amazing life better? Here:

Look Out for Single Mom Role Models

Sometimes we feel we are the only ones fighting a seemingly tough battle. However, the Universe has planted so many people out there to help us rally through. Broaden your vision, search for single moms outside. Ask them how they manage their superhero lives. Share your own tips. There is a different kind of happiness in just being there for someone and have someone for you. Seek out a role model. Also, put efforts to be one. You might end up being an answer to someone’s search.

Children of Single Mom ≠ Misandrists

Your children will probably grow up watching you juggle with life all alone. From their soccer matches to art classes to parent-teacher meetings- you will be the one for them. In the absence of a father, make sure they don’t get averse to the male strata of the society. Acknowledge the goodness in the men of your life. Point out when your brother comes home with a pack of chocolates. Similarly, recognize the quality time your father invests in them. Appreciate the caring nature of your male friends.

Manage your finances

Managing a family on single income might turn out to be hard. Prepare yourself- learn about investment, look out for ways to make extra cash. Go back to school for additional job qualifications. Manage your expenses wisely. Learn. Invest. Grow. Repeat.

Manage your Schedule Well

Be in a job where the employer understand it is not always easy to be a superhero. Emergency situation lands, and the superhero (single mom) has to be out of the gate for the world (the children). Ensure the employer that your single mother duties won’t affect your work responsibilities. Ask them if you can work from home on some days. The world isn’t really that cruel, the employer would understand. Most people do help if you seek.

Make time for self

Finally, there is no denying the fact that the merrier you are the happier your kids will be. Make peace in your life. Get into a healthy state of mind. And it is okay to want to get into a healthy relationship. Also, Keep yourself away from the nasty comments. Oh well, they are still gonna come to you, ain’t they? Learn not to be affected by them. It isn’t an overnight thing to do, it will take efforts. And, you will make it through. Know it!

As a single mom, put extra efforts in ensuring your children don’t see themselves as victims.

Here I want to tell you a simple formula: It is not going to be easy. It is going to be hard. Simply put being a single mom means a lot of struggle. Yet as a quote about single moms goes, “Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.” Happy times await you.

Lady, you are doing a wonderful job- the happiness on your child’s face is a testament to it.