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Charlize Theron “The Atomic Blonde on BISEXUALITY” Read about Her Workout and Diet

The actress, 41, took on her role as MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton A new kind of BADASS style– “She’s a real-life badass,” in full training for two to three hours a day in all kinds of martial arts for six weeks before filming. There’s a lot of roundhouse, low leg kicks and throat chops and elbow strikes. Theron spent four hours a day training at the gym. She concentrated on realistic moves a woman could actually use against a 6 ft. 4 in. opponent. Elbows and knees are really big for generating power and leverage for a smaller attacker.”

Charlize Theron Workout Routine

She do little workout, yoga, cardio exercise and Pilates, few hours of gymnastics  a month along with yoga for her perfect and delicate body. Seamless blend of Kettlebells  is the secret of Charlize Theron’s. It is also various dance forms that are equally creditable for this slim waist, skinny and long legs, and well defined shoulders and neckline, the most striking features of Theron.

Her foods is well organized and perfect order to have a perfect body, which constitutes all the required nutrients starting from calcium to protein.The South African actress takes her light and small meals six times a day at defined intervals instead of taking heavy meals 3 times a day. She rarely eats junk and oily food like pizzas, chips, French fries, etc., which makes her digestive system unhappy. She drinks lots of water in the morning and eat a lot of fruits.

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