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How to set Healthy Boundaries in Realtionships and Life

Last Updated on January 23, 2021 by D Facts

In Relationships and Life.

Why set boundaries in relationships and life?

Has anyone ever taken you for granted? Ever felt like a second option? Not-valued? Discredited? Have you ever brushed aside mean behavior of a friend? Ever convinced yourself that someone’s anger is their hidden love?

Yes to all of these or one?

Then you, my friend need no more reasons to set boundaries in relationships and life. There is no justification for someone taking you for granted or treating you like a second option. You don’t have to take mean behavior! You are entitled to the right treatment, and it isn’t for someone else to give you. It is everyone’s right to have it.

How to set boundaries in relationships and life?

You begin to set your boundaries in relationships and life by knowing your worth. Know that you deserve to receive all the love that you give. (Hopefully, you do plenty of it)  You must realize that you aren’t a commodity, you are a beautiful creation. The creation needs to be preserved by yourself first and not be mishandled by any other person.

Next, learn to say no. A powerful ‘no’ to the things you don’t want will help you get closer to yourself. Say no to the physical violations- if you don’t want to be touched in a certain way, even by the man you love- say NO! If you don’t like an invasion of privacy even by the women who gave birth to you- NO is your word.

You have got to set boundaries in relationships and life and protect them!

Say no to psychological abuses. Use no in case of verbal violations. You do not have to put up with verbal abuse. Also, you don’t need a well-wisher to shout at you while telling what is right for you. NO! You don’t deserve to be called names. Every conversation in this world is possible with politeness in the voice. And, that is exactly what you and everyone else deserve.

How to preserve your boundaries in relationships and life?

It is easy to fall victim to self-pity, to let people step on you. However it is easy, it is definitely not worth. Setting and preserving boundaries in relationships and life will demand you to leave your safe shell. To keep out the toxic relationships. Even if that means staying alone.

“You gotta learn to leave the table when love is no longer served.” -Nina Simone

Even if the right partner won’t spoil you with heavy worded love slangs, he will respect your boundaries.

Here is the simplest way you can preserve your boundaries, “Imagine a 6-year old girl, your daughter. At any point in time, would you let anyone treat her in the nasty way someone is treating you? If the answer is no, speak up or walk away if the need arises. You will probably fight the world for your 6-year old. In a similar way, fight the world for your boundaries.”

Setting the right boundaries in relationships and life will set you free of the negativity. Embrace the positive. Choose your boundaries.