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Healthy habits for daily living

Last Updated on August 28, 2020 by Kira P

We all have incredibly busy lives. On some days, we manage to find the time to trudge along to the gym, but most days we are so exhausted after work that we just get home, finish the chores to do and fall asleep after a quick dinner. Our lifestyles have evolved, and so has our eating habits. Eating out is no longer a once in a month affair. Instead it’s a weekly, or sometimes even a daily deal. Junk food is now available at the touch of our fingertips by swiping on an app, just as easily done as hook ups!

A lack of time is a prominent feature of our fast paced lives, and it’s almost never in our hands to improve that situation. As a consequence of all this, our health often goes for a toss and by the time we realise our health has worsened…we might have hit our forties. So , here are some simple tips to help you gradually change your eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Remember, your goal should not be to lose weight. It should be to be healthy. When you are healthy, weight loss happens naturally as a happy coincidence based on your body’s metabolic rate. So let’s list down a few things you could do.

  1. Drink more water.

Water is the primary component of a healthy life. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. Water will.bring about a change in your complexion, skin, energy levels as well as your overall health. Another important thing to note is that sometimes we are just thirsty, but we consider it has hunger and eat. So whenever we feel an urge, we need to pause…and think carefully. Am I really hungry or am I just thirsty? This will significantly decrease your food intake.

  1. Mindless eating.

All of us do something known as ‘mindless eating”. It’s where you eat randomly at all times, but very rarely because of actual hunger. You might eat because you are bored, sad, upset, happy, surprised, angry or any such reason. When you eat because you are literally trying to stuff your emotions down your throat, you are risking your health as well as not even remotely solving the problem at hand. It’s only making you ignore the emotions you are feeling and not process them, because you are focusing on your food. However, ultimately all of us have to face our problems and cannot hide behind food.

  1. Walk even 10 minutes a day

None of us want to hear this. Diet and exercise is something we already know, but are unable to do because of a variety of reasons. But can we atleast find 10 minutes a day to walk in a park? A mere ten minutes of cardio by even walking will significantly improve your health and decrease complications in the future of cardiac events and cholesterol related problems.

  1. Make small changes.

If you used to take the elevator to go to the fifth floor, start by taking the steps for the first two floors. If you used to eat a whole doughnut for breakfast, start by eating half of it. If you sleep in for 30 min every morning before you force yourself to wake up, start by waking up 5 min earlier to get in some light exercise. And the best one is…learn to say no if someone offers you some food and you are only mildly interested in the food! Only eat things you really really want to eat, and not the food that you are willing to eat for reasons such as…”they might feel bad if I don’t”, “I have no one to talk to at this party, so I’ll eat food and look busy” and “I’ll eat this because from tomorrow I am on a diet and I won’t be eating it when I have a swanky figure later “

  1. Avoid sugar.

This is my last tip and I really wish you follow this. Try to cut out sugar from your diet as much as you can. If you can’t , then try honey. Sugar makes you gain weight, but more importantly it ages you. Sugar causes collagen breakdown in your skin due to glycosylation, and collagen loss shows on your skin in the form of wrinkles, fat loss and lustreless skin.

Well, these are five major tips to help you make a start towards a healthy lifestyle! There are many lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension on the rise due to our lifestyle changes. So always go by the adage…”Health is wealth!”