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Hot Eva Mendes – Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Her Diet Plan:

Eva removed meat from her diet and replaced it with OMEGA 3, she eats fish and brown rice. That’s  the balance diet for her.

For Breakfast She drinks coffee with a delicious muffin if it is available in her refrigerator. But she usually starts her day with a scrambled eggs and toast. Protein is important for her in the morning.

At lunch, Quinoa – an ancient grain, is known for its nutritional and health benefits, good for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer and obesity. Or rice is what she likes to eat with SALMON. She sometimes add salad to her lunch diet.

Dinner time is a left over of lunch menu,  because of her  lifestyle,  they hardly had a sit down dinner with the whole family.

When indulging, she loves having Cadbury Creme eggs and black beans.

She is also addicted to sweets . She eats a sweet item just after lunch or dinner and justifies it by working it off in the gym, and NO junk food for her too.

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