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Jessica Wall-The ultimate crush next door

The young Brooke Shields, is not afraid to get her hands dirty, grew up in a big family with 5 other brothers and sisters, a contractor Dad who literally maintains household. The model Jessica’s passion for paint goes far beyond the hardware store.

It was her 5th grade teachers wife who gave her a break in modeling. She was represented by Ford Models and recommended she visit their office, and got a contract 5 minutes later. Life of a globe trotter suits Jessica as a model, she is up-for-anything attitude. No time to fake life, never needed a dating app …


Jessica Wall is the Playboy Playmate of Month for September 2017, born in Chicago , IL. With measurements of 34,24, 35 standing 5 9”, the FORD model says “Being part of Ford definitely influences the amount of great opportunities I get,” says Wall, “an agency is not just a name.” “As a model you have to be able to trust your agents. “I have met nothing but wonderful people in the industry. There is a misconception that everyone in the entertainment business is a drama queen but the truth is that if you have an attitude, people don’t want to work with you
The international model loves to go places, she’s been to one of the great beaches in Asia, Boracay and flaunt her beautiful body in a nude two piece she modeled, a Cami Plunge Bralette Bikini Top and Bottom, together with other international model, made their photo shoot and indulge themselves with coconut fruit juice. The miracle fruit is not just good as an antioxidants to block out free radicals, and it also has lauric acid, a natural antimicrobial. For beauty and health benefits too, Use this as oil for the skin, natural oil for the hair, for dandruff to deodorizing. superdry lips, calms sunburn. This One fruit can provide you with a daily dose of almost all essential nutrients. coconut oil is fantastic for healing and erotic uses.

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