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Look At These 10 Vintage Ads Will Really Seduce You

Grapefruit? Really!!!

This is an ad from the Sunkissed corporation, here we can see an innocent fruit into something phonographic do you think its good?


See that pic, the lady had fun with that “Flirt vodka”, and it shows in her knee, do you really think there is some special on this Vodka? My be I think so Flirt vodka is a Bulgarian vodka with “Delicate, grainy aromas and flavors of wet grain, lemon creme fraiche, raisin bread, and peppercorns with a supple, bright, dryish medium-to-full body and a warming, appealing, breezy powdered sugar, gelatin candy, figs, and a solid, all-purpose vodka”


The Miller Brewing company is a Beer producing company, their beer ads always fun, this ad will go to that old days and old TV shows

Drummond sweaters

In 1967 The Drummond sweaters ad campaign has made a huge discussionBut is not about their product I think you already know why?


A Shoe polish, most probably a man’s product, but Griffins this ad campaign not show any mesh face, but you can see two legs behind that lady that will be men?

World’s Largest Lemons

The worlds largest Lomon”  Why they use women in this ad. May be that time Men will be making all the purchases, right?


Pepsi Cola Peps You Up

COCO Cola Vintage ad

Coco Cola and Pepsi they were fighting well at that time to get no1 in the market

This one is an innocent ad, and find some truth there haha

Australia’s Foster’s Lager

Wow, that was funny and intelligent ad,