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Meg Ryan’s Diet Plan Revealed

Is it really possible to eat five times a day and still become slim and charming like Hollywood celebrity Meg Ryan? Yes, that is exactly what she had to say when we asked her about her “secret” diet.  Even at 55, the very sexy Meg Ryan says that eating five times a day is her secret to the slim body and the stunning curves. She also has a brilliant workout routine with her personal fitness trainer, Michael George, who is well-known and also works with other contemporary artists like Julianne Moore. Michael George thinks that it is her daily routine that keeps her so healthy and fresh; she’s never too skinny and she’s never packed on extra calories.

The Secret Diet

Meg Ryan has very openly owned up that she’s not the kind who can stay without eating; she loves eating and she eats five times a day. So what is the mystery behind her glamour, her youthfulness, even at this age? Ryan follows the ‘zone diet’ devised by Barry Sears and has been on it for years. The zone diet is a high calorie low carbohydrate diet that recommends eating five times a day and distributes the consumption of calories instead of carbohydrates and proteins, in a specified ratio. The main motive of the zone diet is to bring satiety, by eating five times a day in a proportioned manner, so that it discourages over eating. The diet approves eating three meals and two snacks in a day and prefers proteins and carbohydrates with low glycemic index, along with 30%-40% of fat. The diet also recommends daily exercise, which is a must for Meg. The Zone diet also promises a number health benefits like: a reduction in chronic disease risk, increased longevity, enhanced immunity and obviously, permanent weight loss.

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