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A RACER BACK bikini top for Baywatch girl-Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario doesn’t think about eating too much, she listens to what her body needs, She eat when she is hungry, tried to stay away from anything unnatural. She eat what she likes, sometimes she knows that it is not ideal anymore but she allows herself to cheat with some ice cream at night. She loves eating eggs. She drinks 8 glasses of water to hydrate herself, Omelet for breakfast with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, with side dishes of blueberries and cantaloupe, Almond milk cappuccino and Iced tea, for lunch she usually have, Earthbar Flax Master Smoothie with acai, banana, blueberry, Earthfusion protein, almond butter, maca, l-glutamine, cinnamon, flax oil, vitamin B-12 and coconut water, she eats 2 turkey meatballs with tomato sauce, and 3 avocado tacos with salsa and lime on corn tortillas

Quinoa bowl with street corn, jalapeño, cabbage, diablo salsa, chicken and lime for Dinner. And another dessert of ½ cup of Rice Dream Mint Carob Chip frozen dessert.

She mixes strength training and hot yoga to stay in shape: fitness is an important part of feeling her best.
“Regular exercise and yoga has made a huge difference in how Alex approach diet because it makes her feel better about herself,” she says.