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Salma Hayek – Talks About Her Secret Weapon On Staying In Shape

A BUZZ IN TABLOIDS ! a secret weapon.

The Mexican actress battled her way to dieting and exercising, she often times go out and down in weight, a natural buzz about her in tabloids, but manages to stay in a good shape for her viewers. Her ability to remain curvy without being overweight, made her envied by many women. Men just  love to stare at her HOT body.

How does she do it, Salma talks about her secret weapon on staying in shape, her weight program, and she is not afraid to share it.

The HOT LATINAs ability to lose weight quickly is because of  juice cleanse. She says, she has been doing juice cleanses for over fifteen years, and has recently gotten together with a professional juicer named Eric Helms to create their own structured and delicious detoxification plan. She admits that she is not good in dieting, admits she is not an avid exercise fanatic either, like many of her Hollywood friends, she does YOGA often though because she feel that she doesn’t have to overwork her body. ‘I don’t exercise… I just hold my body in a way that activates muscles all day long’: Salma Hayek.

In this cleansing process, you’ll feel great and even better after,  because of the vitamins and nutrients that you will be eating and drinking.

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