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Salma Hayek – Talks About Her Secret Weapon On Staying In Shape

The co-creator of “Cooler Cleanse,” Salma, collaborated with chefs and nutritionists ERIC,  with a three or five day detox delivery program,

after the third day Salma always notices a glow to her skin, which makes her realize how healthy it really is for you. your energy will be up, and all those unwanted toxins in your body will be released. you will feel renewed and restored.

intended to help people lose weight. and make  quality product that is not only healthy, but tastes great,  with their variety of juices and nut milks, comes in different  flavors to make it more interesting.

The Cooler Cleanse system uses a juice and raw food menu, featuring premium and organic foods only. forces you to kick processed foods, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine out of your diet.

Salma loves to eat and she has been overeating often, she says that she is not a vegetarian, giving her body a break from time to time, she reset her body by doing one of these juice cleansing program. A good way to detoxify your body from overeating. It is like a preventive medicine, you keep your body healthy before problems arise, it can help millions of women feel and look great.

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