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[VIDEO]Slim Stomach, Round Butt, and Toned Legs Workout!

Your butt shape depends what you eat and if you want to get your buttocks in shape eating the right food is just as important as exercising


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After a workout during the recovery period after exercise your buttocks are in the repair cycle and it’s essential to choose the right type and amount of foods to ensure that your butt will grow bigger. Keep in mind the simple rule if you want to increase your weight you should eat more if you just want to increase your butt you have to eat in regular amounts.


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You should eat at least one piece of sprout per day although the daily recommendation is between 3 and 5 per day here are the foods that help you increase your butt end some effective bumps friendly exercises proteins. if you already have a well-established exercise routine we recommend that you drink a protein shake after a workout some natural sources of good proteins are tuna eggs turkey chicken tilapia legumes cottage cheese lean red meat legumes and any fish not fried carbohydrates swap white bread and faster for whole-wheat or whole-grain alternatives carbohydrates that help you,sweet potato and couscous


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