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Staying in shape with Angelina Jolie

Is cutting down extra calories enough to keep you in the best shape? Let’s hear it from Hollywood’s one of the sexiest actresses Angelina Jolie, America’s most desired and talented icon in the industry. Angelina Jolie has it all; she’s hot, she’s got the perfect figure and she can also stun the world with her versatile action sequences in movies. Unlike a lot of other celebrities, Angelina Jolie takes her fitness and workout sessions very dedicatedly despite her busy schedule. As a mother of six children (three of whom were adopted) she has always been a strong woman, not just physically but with her mind and soul.

Gunnar Peterson, Angelina’s personal trainer, also works with pro-athletes and celebrities, and specialises in functional training. Jolie’s workout routines are different each day; she prefers working on each muscle exclusively and therefore believes in circuit training. Circuit training involves a lot of exercises that tones your arms, legs, hips, chest, and belly portions. It also helps in strengthening the muscles, thus making your body more flexible.


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