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The Strangest Diets – By This Six Celebrities

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Six strangest celebrity diets.

Ashton kutcher :

Fruit overload for his role as Steve Jobs in the movie titled jobs Ashton Kutcher took method acting to the next level wanting to adopt the lifestyle of Steve Jobs before the shoot Kutcher consumed nothing but fruit for over 30 days this inevitably costs overworked his pancreas and landed him in the hospital just two days before the start of the movie Steve Jobs who also lived by this diet for most of his life lost his life back in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer


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Kirsten Dunst :

The pH diet spider-man actress Kirsten Dunst is quite fond of the pH diet also known as the alkaline diet this diet consists of balancing alkaline and acidic foods to help you increase your overall health the philosophy behind the diet is that acid forming foods like meat and dairy but too much stress on the body promoting weight gain and inflammation once you get the hang of it this diet can easily be followed for life.

On the set of @woodshockmovie eating some 🍤in a harness @kateandlauramulleavy

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Christina Aguilera :

The seven-day colored diet according to Cosmopolitan singer Christina Aguilera slimmed down with the help of the 7-day Collard diet while on this diet the follower starts with white foods followed by red than green orange purple yellow and then all of the colors on the final day of the plan there are many people that have jumped on this bandwagon as of late making it one of the most popular diets on the Internet today


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