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Topics that couples must discuss but which they actually don’t

Last Updated on August 8, 2020 by D Facts

Should couples be always romantic? Should they talk about only romantic stuff? Nah..!! It’s not like that. There are many more topics that they should discuss for sure. Here I will be telling some unromantic and unpleasant topics that couple should discuss for their betterment.


Your partner could be your romantic match but is he/she financially compatible with you? Maybe it is yes/no but here are some points to discuss regarding it. For instance, you can be a person who saves more but your partner can be just the opposite. Sometimes you may be really upset about it and may feel awkward to discuss. First thing you both should do is to talk transparently about each of your own financial status and the monthly cash flow. As a couple, you may have a short term goal(e.g. saving for a trip)  or a long term goal (e.g. saving to buy a house or saving for retirement). Discuss your shared financial goals and plan it accordingly.


Each of you may have a goal to achieve. Talk about it and help each other in following it. Do not think that’s not your job. It is actually your job because you both are going to complement each other for the rest of life. So you should be a lifesaver. You should treat his/her goal like yours and get prepared for it constantly. 


Never ever hesitate to tell your partner’s fault. It’s not like hurting them. It’s actually a way of moulding them. Until you point out their fault they will continue doing it. Maybe someone else will point it out. So better you tell them their faults and help them rectify it by giving your feedback. Similarly never hesitate to get it in return and accept your fault as well.

Trust issues:

If you ever feel like your partner is untrustable, never delay speaking about it. Have an open talk and speak out your mind or else every action of theirs will make you have a doubt. This will somehow create a problem one day or the other. So speak out and be clear about what you have to tell. Explain the situation or incident which made you feel untrustable so that you bring justification to your problem.

Past relationship:

You should actually talk about your past relationship in a way that your partner doesn’t get hurt. This will bring an insight into who you are and this will help in avoiding mistakes done in past. At the same time tell about the feelings that you have on your partner at present. Put the past behind and live in the present.

Communication will help in a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Get deeper into communication and build a strong bond.