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[Video] Hot Girl Fishing And Catching Redfish From Pine Island

This is Darcy from Darcy’s law shore

Today I am fishing out of Pine Island with captain Eric Zimmerman and we are with fetching he’s with special Southwest charters and we are currently fishing an oyster bar here and fishing for redfish and I just wanted to show you the setup that I use to catch a small redfish I just caught a few moments ago.

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Basically we’re using some 20-pound fluoro and we have a small hook with a weight basically a knocker rig and using some cut mullet as bait and we’re just tossing it out near the edges of the oyster bar on the sand and we just caught a little red so hopefully

you can some more little reduce hey guys star see again and we just caught our second red fish of the day a little bit bigger than the first one right here using the same method with cut bait and she’s really pretty and has like a blue hue on the tail I’m going to go catch some more right now to talk to you guys shortly you after putting us on a bunch of redfish we wrapped up day one of our fishing trip the next day captain Eric switched up our fishing location and we caught a bunch of Sheep shead so check out this action okay Oh you what happened Darcy I got a sheep said right by the book came off

I had a sheet right by the boat and it came off right both side how does it make you feel horrible yeah bigger ones it was a little on the small side little baby we got a meal if he’s going out get a while hey guys darcy here we’re still out here fishing with captain Eric and I just got a nice big black drop and I just caught on live shrimp I’m going to get back to fishing Oh check out my gorgeous long turn after the tide change and the bike slowed down captain Eric let me try bow fishing so check out this next clip of my first attempt at bow fishing ever hello anglers Darcy here and I’m wrapping up my day here with captain

Eric Zimmerman of fetching Southwest charters here in North Fort Myers and basically the target for this weekend was to catch Goliath groupers and sharks it didn’t happen due to tough conditions a cold front boot blew through which basically shut down the bite but did everything us on some fish and he did we caught a bunch of fish we caught sheeps heads we caught black drum we caught snappers and a whole great variety we now have fish to tank take home for dinner

thank God

captain Eric Zimmerman is a great