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[Video]Hot Girls Talk About The Problem With Big B00Bs

This Two girls Shauna and Marissa talk about the struggles with having Big B00bs


Hey guys it’s Shauna and Marissa and today’s is going to be 20 big b00b struggles only girls understand big
b00b struggle moves for our b00bs shirt I got big b00 problems I got big boo problem I got problems and big b00bs are about 98 of them I got one less problem without you two less brown guy oh yeah I got the double D’s over here on double D’s just regular Pamela Anderson definitely give this video a thumbs up.

Vicious they’re not reaching reaching pretty hot on to the b00b juggles clothing that fits everywhere else but the b00b area especially button-down tops that just like keep popping open and you try to you try to close it and  then it just keeps popping open that happens to be in class all the time when you have to bend over to pick something up and then everyone can see down your shirt at your cleavage your b00bies Yodas putting a seat belt on and having it crush your b00bs

Jumping jacks every big b00b girl’s worst nightmare you can forget about wearing a backless dress and any cute clothes from brandy melville that show your back so when you want to lie down on your stomach and your b00bs just get in the way and it kind of hurts unwanted attention guys looking at your b00bs staring at your b00bs making jokes about your b00bs whistling at you saying nice rack saying nice titties all of the above is unwanted.

when you’re buying a bikini and you can’t choose a different size for the top and bottom so like I’m a medium on the bottom but an extra extra large on top so which size do I get coming up with new and creative ways to hide your b00bs scarves jackets potted plants boxes pretty much anything you can think of one word running it sucks when you have big b00bs and you’re running and they’re jiggling everywhere I know the worst under b00b sweat and you feel like you just want to lift your b00bie up and put deodorant on under there no matter what tank top I put on it’s always gonna look slutty on me.