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Why you should take up knitting!

Last Updated on August 22, 2020 by Kira P

When we hear the word knitting, we picture our grandma sitting on the old cushy chair in the front garden as her fingers move graciously over miles of yarn, with the clicking of the needles along with it!

Well, recent studies now suggest that knitting is a hobby that might well be for everyone since it has various added benefits apart from a nice freshly knit sweater of course! Let’s look at the advantages of taking up knitting as a hobby one by one.

Motor functions

Knitting includes rapid movements of the same kind over and over again. This will develop your motor movements and help in gaining able functioning hands with faster precision.

Cognitive function

The cognitive function is that part of your brain that accumulates knowledge and decided what to do based on the information. Knitting sharpens your cognitive function and prevents decline especially in old age.

Delaying arthritis

We all dread having knuckles and fingers so swollen and stiff, then won’t move properly in the mornings. Well, knitting will help you keep arthritis at bay! It prevents your joints from becoming stiff and hard, because the repeated movements allow your joints to move smoothly and perfectly, hence delaying the onset of arthritis.


Knitting has been considered to be a form of meditation. Meditation after all is simply to focus on a single thing over and over for a period of time. Knitting makes you hyperfocused on your yarn going in and out of your knitting needles, as you make the same movements with your hands again and again. It’s a huge stress buster, especially when you are really tensed for some big interview or an exam or a life event. So pick up your needles and get knitting!!

I don’t think I need to give you more reasons for knitting, but since I have your attention I would love to mention here about a particular lady Lynn Zwerling who has revolutionized how knitting is looked upon. She has set up a system wherein she and her colleagues go to prison, and teach the inmates how to knit. The inmates also make hats, socks, scarves and sweaters for their loves ones. A lot of times, these souvenirs are the only thing their family has to remember them by…especially in the days of missed visits and phone calls. Inmates look upon their knitting classes every week as a huge welcome from their lives and admit freely that it relaxes them to a great extent, especially considering their daily circumstances.

So! All in all, if everyone else can be helped by knitting, why don’t you give it a try? All it takes is a skein of yarn and two clickety knitting needles! What’s there to lose?