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Detoxification for a good physical and mental well-being

Last Updated on August 12, 2020 by D Facts

Do you need a healthy life? Both mentally and physically? Then you should definitely try the body detox.

Cleansing your body is as simple as you cleanse your hair. But how many of us take time to do that? Very few actually. Why cleanse only the outer body? Try cleaning it from within. Give your internal body a bath. This internal bath can be given by detoxifying your body. Detoxification is actually the removal of toxins built up in your body which will have long term or short term effect on your health.

Why body detoxification?

If you put in diesel in a petrol car it won’t work. To make it work good you will have to take out the diesel and pour back the petrol. Similarly the human body is meant for good stuff like fruits and vegetables but unfortunately, we fed it up with bad stuff like junk and fast foods. So to make our body work well we will have to take out the toxins and feed it back with the good stuff.Toxins get built up in various tissues like bones and muscles and are not eliminated. It gets built up due to many internal and external factors. The toxins in the body could be considered a small problem but when its let to build up for a long time it will really lead to serious issues like development of tumour or cancer cell.Toxins have to be removed periodically in order to maintain a healthy physical and mental state. No disease can survive in a body which is clean internally. So try cleaning it up periodically with the ideas I give. Here are some super cool body detox recipes in three different forms that give effective results.1)Detox smoothie:1 Celery stalk1 cucumber1/2 green apple1/2 lime1/2 cup Almond milk1 Tbsp Coconut oil1 cup pineappleBlend it and your detox smoothie is ready. You have to drink this smoothie for three 3 days for a complete body detox.2)Detox salad:CucumberCarrotCilantro/corianderDressing:Lemon juiceHoneyOlive oilApple cider vinegarMinced garlicPepperChop them in sizes and quantity you like. Mix them all in a bowl and your salad with dressing is ready. This salad can be used as a one-day detox recipe.3)Detox soup:Heat up some oil and put in some celery, onion, chopped potato, sweet potato and some minced garlic. Saute this all together until they get soften. This will take around 5 mins. For flavourings, you can add some dry thyme, sea salt and crushed red peppers. Saute it for another two more minutes until the fragrance come out. Add turmeric and remember to add black peppers because this will activate turmeric. Add lentils and if you want you could add both kinds of lentils. After a few minutes add the vegetable broth and water. It starts boiling, so cover it and let it simmer for 30-40 minutes until the lentils get cooked properly. Once this mixture gets thickened add some almond milk, lemon juice and some fresh spinach or kale. Add some herbs like dry thyme or parsley or oregano. This makes an awesome one-day detox recipe. After a body detox, you feel refreshed with higher energy levels, healthy skin, good immunity, improved mood and well-maintained physic.