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How to Handle Picky Eaters:10 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

Last Updated on August 7, 2020 by D Facts

Are you worried about your child being a picky eater? If yes, then here are some tips that you can follow to make them eat.

Every parent is concerned about their child’s growth, especially during their early stage. It can be very challenging to ensure that they get enough nutrition needed for their growth.

Why is it dangerous for your child to skip meals or to be a picky eater?

Child growth should be taken care of at the age between 1 and 5 because it is the age in which a child’s brain develops than ever it could. It has a long-lasting impact on the child.

There are many factors like gene, environment and others which influence child development but nutrition plays a major role. Child’s growth depends on food intake. At the time of pregnancy, it depends on the mother’s food habits and intake. Ultimately nutrition present in the food decides their health and growth. Here I provide you with some cool ideas that you can implement to make them eat good and be good. Try it and some would work out for your child.

1)We know that a child could not eat as much as an adult could eat at the same time. So it is better to divide the meals per day several times. They could eat many times a day instead of eating only thrice a day.

2)Be their role model. To make them eat healthily you should also eat healthily. Make sure that they see you enjoy eating foods.

3)Bring your creativity with food. Make them look presentable by cutting them into shapes or by garnishing them well. Have fun with food.

4)Let them choose their mealtime. Don’t battle over food or force them which will make them refuse to eat. If they starve, eventually they will ask for food.

5)Picky eaters are so choosy and they repeatedly take the same food. They don’t even try to taste something new. So ask them to taste at least a bite of everything on a plate and then to decide whether to have it or not.

6)Give them compliments and good rewards for what they eat. In common every child like those and so they start eating for rewards.

7)Get your child involved in cooking and serving. This will make them curious to eat.

8)Do not call them to have food when they are interestingly doing stuff they like. This will create hatred of food.

9)Offer them a variety of foods and flavours with small portions.

10)The more you push them to eat the more they resist. Do not feed them. Let kids feed themselves. They enjoy the self-satisfaction of feeding themselves.

Try out these ideas and find out which one suits your child. Keep them well-nourished.