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7 Simple Ways to Lift your Mood

Last Updated on August 5, 2019 by D Facts

Some days life doesn’t make sense. At all.

To lift your mood is hardest on those days. Everything in the Universe starts to work against you. EVERYTHING! From fast approaching work deadlines to relationship issues to family problems to finance to ….what not?! You feel bored, depressed, lonely and sad.

But do you know who can help you most on those days? You.

Here are a number of steps to follow to lift your mood. Ingredients Required: You and willingness. Choose the steps which suit you and you are good to go!

1. Be Sad

Yes yes, I get it. The reason you are probably reading this article is you are already sad and a lot of it. However, there is a slight difference between what I am suggesting and what you are feeling. When I say feel sad, I mean to acknowledge the feeling. The catch here is: set a time limit.

“I am going to be sad for the next hour. Post that, I will be rocking and dancing.”- That’s the mantra to lift your mood. Take the command in your hand from that of your emotions.

2. Get out of the house.

In fact, that is all you need sometimes: Movement. So, take up an activity. Roam around in your neighborhood. Visit a bookstore or a park. Notice the sounds, smells, people. Highly recommended: Exercise. A 20-minute run or an hour-long yoga class, exercise works wonder to lift your mood.

3. See the bright side

When we are sad and bored- the glass always appears half empty. Not so surprisingly, that is exactly when we need to see the positive sides. Pull out your journal and list all the things that are going well in life, the things that you are thankful for. Benefits of gratitude exercise are numerous. It goes a long way in inculcating a positive outlook towards life. Also, a great help in lifting your mood.

4. Spend time with a loved one

There are people in everyone’s life who are angels without wings. They know the right jokes to crack, the right gestures, the right things to say just when you need it. Take out time and visit them. With technology, a visit is as convenient as a Skype call away. Open up your heart in front of them. Problems of the world will fall apart one by one. You will feel loved and love is an instant way to lift your mood.

5. Loosen up your credit card a little

There are scientific reasons behind why shopping feels so good. Yet I don’t recommend shopping objects to make you feel good. I would encourage you to invest in experiences: take a visit to a nearby museum. Other options are amusement parks, concerts, movies, local plays. While objects bring in momentary happiness, experiences stay for long. You can write in your diary or blog about the experience. Later, this can be revisited to lift your mood if you ever need.

6. Listen to Music

Music releases a lot of emotions. Listen to the music which makes you feel hopeful and motivated. Hall of Fame, anyone? Music helps you connect with your emotions and release them. Listen to upbeat music and release the enthusiastic emotions in you. Definitely, a great way to lift your mood.

7. You need You

Often when we lose touch with ourselves, negative emotions creep in. All that we need then is to sit in silence and rejoice the best company of all: our own. Talk to yourself. Understand. Listen. Guide. Read a book or quotes on the internet. Watch a movie. Spoil yourself and love yourself. You will get through this, this is a reminder you need during seemingly tough times. So, remind yourself. In the process, you would know you have lifted your mood.

Though these methods may or may not work for you. Irrespective, I hope the dark clouds in your life scatter away for the world to see the power of your beautiful smile.