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Pregnancy tunes.

Last Updated on August 22, 2020 by Kira P

So, a lot of us have been there. Being pregnant and having a new being growing inside of you. It’s a strange but comfortable feeling. You marvel at the beauty of nature that gave you the privilege of being able to bring new life to this planet. You caress your belly as you carefully croon to the baby inside you. You rub your hands together and wonder if they like hearing the sound of your voice when your talk to them. You tell them about all the wonderful things you will do once you can hold them in your arms properly.

But most of all, you ponder over what makes them happy. Is your womb comfortable enough? Are your eating enough? Are you getting enough sleep?

Well, there is one more thing you can do to bond with your baby! Music.

We’ve already heard studies stating how even plants respond better and grow better to soft music played in the background, compared to plants who simply get water and sunlight. And now we know that babies feel the same!

Babies are born with millions of neurones interconnecting through their brain, waiting to develop intercellular connections. These connections are what eventually help develop cognitive functions, motor skills, linguistic skills and overall development. Listening to music in the womb seems to help in developing these intercellular connections earlier and faster.

Music and developmental effect on babies

A surprisingly varied effect has been observed in babies and children exposed to music. These might include but not restricted to

Retentive memory– Babies can use music to remember things, especially as musical notes make it easier to associate things to remember with happy tones. This also applies for infants and toddlers.

Boost in creativity – Babies have a tremendous boost in growth and creativity due to increased exposure to music and musical instruments.

Language – Both music and linguistic development require auditory stimulations and processing ability . So listening to music improves language comprehension as well.

Emotional Intelligence – Music can invoke deep emotions. By listening to expressive classical music, babies hone their ability to become aware of moods and feelings around them and develop deeper awareness.


So, all in all…there are a number of reasons why you should involve your baby in music from the beginning!

Just put on some soft notes, let them waft through your window sill while you sit on a rocking chair and soak in the sunlight. Happy listening!!