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Twelve practices for good quality sleep

Last Updated on August 21, 2020 by D Facts

Sleep is one of the most important factors for our health. It is not an easy task to get a good quality sleep but practising these steps can make you achieve it. Sleeping habits should be taken care and let’s get into the process of improving it. Follow these top tips and tricks for good sleepdarkness.

1)Sleep in the entire darkness since body releases hormones called melatonin that prepares you to sleep. Avoid watching television or other light-emitting devices before bed. This can keep you awake.

2)Exercise has a huge impact on your good night sleep since it is a good stimulant. Exercise in the early morning or the afternoon but not 3 hours before the bed.

3)Don’t go to bed too much stuffed or hungry because the gnawing feeling in the stomach can disrupt sleep.

4)Don’t take stimulants like coffee or chocolate before sleep since it contains caffeine and it can be a hindrance to your sleep.

5)Sleep on your back or sleep on the right side because sleeping on the left side will make you have shortness of breath and sleeping on the stomach will reduce the blood flow to arteries in the brain which can make your sleep a stressful one and chances of waking up with headaches are much higher.

6)Follow a bedtime ritual like reading books or drinking milk or whatever you like before bed. This ritual can signal your body to know that its time for bed and so it gets itself prepared for sleep.

7)Go to bed every night at the same time and wake up at the same time regularly so that the internal clock in your body is setup. This will keep you on track. Our body will have a rhythm and to support this be consistent.

8)Keep the temperature cool around you because your body produces some amount of heat when you sleep and lowering of temperature to about 60°-67°F can naturally decrease your body temperature and initiates sleep.

9)The sleep cycle is measured in 1.5 cycles because that’s the time your body passes through all the stages of sleep and restore itself completely. So it is best to sleep for at least 5 cycles each night i.e.7.5 hours.

10)Have foods that promote sleep before bed. Consuming almonds or walnuts can provide longer and deeper sleep. This is because they kickstart the production of serotonin. This hormone will enhance the quality of sleep.

11)Don’t look at the time which can make you feel stressed thinking that you have very less time to sleep.

12)Stress can sometimes keep you awake making you think. So, try to calm down and relax before bed. Meditation is a great way of getting a peaceful sleep. This will also improve your productivity.

Do practice these tips every day to get up energised and refreshed rather than getting up tired and exhausted. Wake up fresh as a daisy. Drift into your dreamland.